Monday, 21 October 2013

Database or Google search tips

 For Google searching, I have learned to type exact phrase or word in Google advance search to get more specific results. We can narrow  results by choosing the "domain"we want, like .gov,.org, .edu etc. It also allows to select "language", 'File Type" , " region" of results.

Additionally, in the session two, I have known five useful database: emerald, LISA, web of knowledge, Scopus and ACM.

I think phrase searching is very useful, you can use quotation marks to enclose the phrase, like "alcohol abuse".

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I am KAI.I am from China.I previously study electiccal engineering in UK.Now I am going on reading master in unversity .I am learing information mangeement.and I think information literacy is a inportant factor of it ,information literacy can help me looking for usefurl information from mass quickly.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Week3 Information Universe

When comes to the time I needed to find information, I would like to say something about my undergraduate dissertation. My topic mainly focused on a decision-making system, which is called Business Intelligence. At beginning, however, I didn’t know the meaning of this term, so I first used the Wikipedia to find what it really was. Then I borrowed some related books and downloaded some online journals from the website like, web of knowledge, Google Scholar etc. After a lot of reading, I understood its different definitions and evolution, and I also determined my subject: Gaining competitive advantage with Business Intelligence. When refers to the term “competitive advantage”, Porter’s books really helped me a lot. One of the subtitles in my dissertation is factors affect the implementation of BI. I recorded different authors’ opinions from different articles and concluded the main five factors in the end. The most difficult part for me is how BI helps to achieve CA. It needed me to associate BI with a company’s value systems. Therefore, I searched this kind of information through Google and textbook.

I was suggested to use the latest resources for the research, so the online journals and articles account for a large part of my reference resources. Others are published books.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Team’s strongest Pillars

Our team think evaluate and manage are our strongest pillars. The reason why our team choose evaluate pillar is that we need to do much reading for completing our assginments in our undergraduate programme, so we already have the ability to judge appropriate and less useful resources. After evaluateing , we also can effectively use the related softeware to manage the usful information. For example, the bibliographical softerware to manage the references.

Zhao Jie

I am Jay, my previous pathway was International Business.
Now I am studying Msc Information Management in University of Sheffield.
By the way, I am a crazy football fan.


Hello, my name is Lina, I am come from Hangzhou, China. It is a beautiful city. I have been here about one year, and traveled some place. Well, I think Isle of Wight is the best place to relax myself. Moreover, I like shopping and eating...

Introduce myself -Tingting Zhao

I just say hi to everyone ^^. My name is Tingting, you can call me Olivia. I come from China and my major is Information Management. I'm glad to become one of your teamates. Hope we can have a happy coorperation in the rest of the semester.